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        ABOUT US

        About   Us  About  Us   

          Anyang AngJia electric appliance co., LTD., by Anyang ZhouChuan electrical appliance co., LTD., Anyang city BoErSi  electric limited liability company, Anyang TianWang technology co., LTD and Anyang KaiOu electrical appliance co., LTD reorganized united electrical group company, as a wellknown enterprises in the domestic ship appliances industry, is schneider, ABB and Siemens electric Marine high and low voltage power distribution, control equipment system cooperation manufacturers. Cooperate with SERVOWATCH Company, a famous European Marine electrical equipment group, as a The group is a partner in Asia and is also a global guarantee cooperation unit. The company is located in the ancient capital with a long history: An Yang has a long history of culture, rich experience in the production and service of ship electrical appliances industry. It has provided electrical equipment and supporting services for large and medium-sized ships built by major shipyards at home and abroad. The products meet the requirements of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), meet the standard requirements of domestic and foreign classification societies, and can provide CCS, BV, LR, GL, ABS, DNV, KR, NK, RINA classification societies product certificates. The company is a qualified supplier of China's military equipment department, and successfully supporting naval ships. Enterprises strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system certification system, to provide stable quality products, equal contract and trustworthiness.

            The main products provided by the company are: AJJK cab centralized console, AJJS monitoring room centralized console, CDQY \ CDDQ \ AJDK \ AJDR \ AJJR \ AJG \ AJG model electric control, full electric control, gas electric control, full rotary remote control, adjustable paddle control, low speed machine remote control system, CM 42 \ AJJC-WJ computer engine room monitoring and alarm system, AJYH liquid cargo monitoring and alarm system, AJZP Marine main distribution board, AJYJ Type Marine emergency distribution board, PCJ \ PCZ charge and discharge board, AZ \ AJ bank power box, PD 5 \ PD 6 power box, QC 91 \ QX 94 \ QCC 1 magnetic starter control box, duty alarm system, vehicle bell, vehicle bell recorder, stern axle speed measurement system and other auxiliary equipment units, Electronic control equipment and other full range of products, With the whole ship electrical equipment packaging to provide the strength of the basis.

          The company adheres to the people-oriented, harmonious development of the business philosophy, through excellent management and continuous improvement, establish and improve the incentive and restriction mechanism, constantly carry out scientific and technological innovation, to build a century-old enterprise. We will be committed to realizing the commitment of "reliable products, professional service", and strive to meet the higher needs of users, with a variety of high-quality ship electrical equipment, to serve the majority of customers. Design and manufacturing of high quality and reliable Marine electrical appliances is the eternal pursuit and direction of AJE angjia electrical appliances employees. AJE is willing to cooperate with people to create a brilliant tomorrow



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        Product  Coverage

        1. Main distribution board and emergency distribution board; automatic and semi-automatic control system and power propulsion power station;

        2. Silicon rectifier, automatic electronic constant current constant voltage charger, charge and discharge board; radio distribution box;

        3, high and low voltage shore power contact control box, magnetic starter, power distribution box, electrical test board and other control boxes (cabinets);

        4. Self-lotus root step-down startup control screen; soft startup control screen; variable frequency startup control screen; 

        5, cab centralized console; engine room centralized console; radio console; two wing console; cargo control console;

        6. Medium, high, low speed and high power reverse diesel engine remote control system; full rotary and adjustable paddle remote control system; electric propulsion control system; bow thrust control system; 

        7. Meet the BRC host remote control system; the MCC automatic centralized monitoring and alarm system; AUT-0 engine room periodic unattended system; 

        8. Bridge building navigation duty alarm system; engine room duty alarm system; clinic, freezer, water tight door, dead alarm system; liquid cargo high high high monitoring andalarm system; ballast water and ballast water monitoring and alarm system;

        9. Navigation signal flash, fog flute control board; emergency call bell, main vehicle bell and vehicle bell recorder; 

        10. Ship remote monitoring and management system; shore-based information exchange system;


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        傳       真:0372-2239601




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